Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has the overall responsibility of administering the state's personnel system and establishing necessary policies, procedures and regulations to ensure system uniformity in accordance with state and federal law. OPM offers diversified personnel service programs to all state agencies and institutions of higher education to assist in the achievement of human resource management goals and objectives.

OPM provides for the efficient utilization of state resources and the effective management of Classification and Compensation, Payroll, Training, and Research and Technical Services. OPM is also responsible for preparing, drafting and reviewing legislation. OPM's goal is to ensure fairness, equity and uniformity in the application and administration of all personnel policies, rules and regulations and the optimal utilization of the state's human resources.

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Key Services

State Employee Grievances Research & Technical Services State Employee Mediation State Employee Suggestion System Pool Positions (State Government Jobs) Payroll Systems Minimum Qualification Reviews Labor Market and Exceptionally Well Qualified Special Entry Rates Job Audits OPM Training
Department of Finance & Administration
Department of Finance & Administration - Office of Personnel Management
Office of Personnel Management
["State Employee Grievances","Research & Technical Services","State Employee Mediation","State Employee Suggestion System","Pool Positions (State Government Jobs)","Payroll Systems","Minimum Qualification Reviews","Labor Market and Exceptionally Well Qualified Special Entry Rates","Job Audits","OPM Training"]