Office of Accounting

The major statutory responsibilities, functions, and authorities utilized by the Office of Accounting are contained in the State General Accounting and Budgetary Procedures Law, State Revenue Stabilization Law, and State Revenue Classification Law. The mission of this office is to carry out its statutory responsibilities in a service-oriented manner while maintaining a high degree of fiscal integrity and to strive to improve management of financial resources statewide by providing all activities of State government a fully adequate accounting and reporting system, reducing administrative paperwork, and time required to comply with the policies of the Department of Finance and Administration.

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Year End Closing Travel Regulations Warrant Cancellations Systems Management Service Bureau Revenue Receipt Corrections Receipts Refunds To Expenditure Petty Cash And Change Funds Old Year Vouchers
Department of Finance & Administration
Department of Finance & Administration - Office of Accounting
Office of Accounting
["Year End Closing","Travel Regulations","Warrant Cancellations","Systems Management","Service Bureau","Revenue Receipt Corrections","Receipts","Refunds To Expenditure","Petty Cash And Change Funds","Old Year Vouchers"]